Multimi Cloud/Cloudents
MultiMi Cloud is a student-centered collaborative web platform for online study groups and sharing notes. The product started its way as a web platform and iOS application making it easy to communicate and share files, photos, music, video, or sites with others. As work on the product progressed, we saw an opportunity to collaborate with student unions, and focused on that group of users, updating our features and designs. 
As the sole designer at the company, I co-owned the vision and feature definition of the product, designed wireframes, detailed designs, and design specs for the engineering team and worked with them to build the product. The website grew to 150,000 students withinits first 3 months.
Transitioning to focus on Cloudents as a tool for student unions, creating a home page for each student union with room for a customized logo, advertisements, news and updates and a leaderboard in addition to a basic structure for sharing class notes, past tests, and assignments.

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