Kindle Oasis Warm Light
My work at Kindle is under an NDA and I am not allowed to share it openly. If you’re interested in viewing a detailed case study, please reach out to me directly
Introducing an adjustable warm light for a richer reading experience in any light. Empowering readers to adjust the shade of the screen from white light to a warm amber with the ability to schedule when the light changes for a personalized reading experience. 
I worked on the detailed flows and designs, presented them to executives and senior stakeholders gaining buy-in. I led research of warm light habits on other devices, and usability testing for the feature helping define behaviors and flows, created design specs for the engineering team and worked with them to build the feature.
You can see this live on the Kindle Oasis e-reader 
Three Kindle e-readers stacked. The bottom screen shows as a white screen, the middle e-reader screen has an orange tint indicating a warm tone. The top e-reader screen has a strong orange tint indicating a very warm tone. The screen of the top e-reader shows settings to adjust the brightness, warmth level, and the option to schedule the warm tint to turn on automatically on sunset and off on sunrise, or set a manual time for it to turn on and off.

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