Kindle Library Management
My work at Kindle is under an NDA and I am not allowed to share it openly. If you’re interested in viewing a detailed case study, please reach out to me directly
With ten years in the market, Kindle readers had hundreds of books in their libraries, making organizing their library a major pain point. Readers wanted an easy way to arrange and filter their books, from different content types to collections and most importantly a way to mark books as read and hide them from the view. With the introduction of Kindle Unlimited, Prime Reading and public library lending, readers wanted a way to see only those books in their library as well as a way easily return books from within the apps. 
I worked on the reader journey, detailed flows and designs, presented them to executives and senior stakeholders gaining buy-in. I led two major usability research studies, one for the overall usability of the filters and sorting options as well as the mark as read feature and it's behavior for readers that linked their libraries with Goodreads. The second, testing the acceptance of the algorithm to backfill read books in libraries so readers won't need to go back and manually mark books as read fine tuning it with a technical project manager and developers. I refined the designs and details across the Kindle iOS and android apps as well as Kindle e-reader and Amazon Fire devices, updating the library navigation bar to better support localization, updating the filter and sort menu patterns to support scalability, and defined new Kindle design patterns to display filtered views, bottom sheets and toasts. I created design specs for the engineering team, working with them to build the changes. 
You can see all these live across the Kindle app on iOS and Android or any Kindle e-reader or Amazon Fire tablet

mark as read
To date, we have backfilled over 23 million customer accounts and over 1.3 billion books.
Readers loved the feature saying “I LOVE the new update that shows books you have read and are unread. This was a terrific feature to add. My books go back 6 years. With a large library of 668 books since 2013, I have accumulated. There are some I purchased but have not read yet. This makes it so easy to find them now. Thanks for his great feature!!” (Jaeger review). ​​​​​​​

return prime/ku: 
    “Finally you got it fixed so we can return the Kindle books from within the app so I don't have to log on to my PC all the time to do that thank you”
·         “I sincerely appreciate the new feature of being able to return Kindle Unlimited books from the library! One more feature I would like to see is a separation between read and unread books on Kindle Fire & Android phone. I rarely read books twice and it clutters up my library to see books I have already read.”
·         “I love love love the kindle app. Very easy to use. I love the all features that it offers and unlike the other apps I have for reading the kindle app allows me to return without hassle...❤️❤️❤️❤️”
·         “I can't express how much I love this app. Great updates this go round. Being able to return Kindle Unlimited books from the app is long overdue and welcome”
·         “I love the new update. You can now return KU books in the app, and pull down on the home screen to refresh books instead of having to manually sync.”​​​​​​​
Three iPhones. The first phone shows a view of the Kindle application library with a bottom menu open taking up half the screen hight showing filter options. The second phone shows the same menu with filter options taking three-quarters of the screen, revealing more options. The third phone shows the Kindle app library with a grid view of books. Above the grid, is a bar with the label "Showing: Read" and a close button indicating the filtered view.

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