Role UX / UI / Marketing   |   Platform Desktop, iOS   |   Client​​​​​​​
MultiMi desktop and iPad applications were created to tackle the challenges brought on by the pace and extent of communication channels surrounding us. Making it easier to get in touch with people regardless of where they are on the web, and share with them stuff that makes you laugh, cheer and go "aaww”. By aggregating your content we make it easier to stay on top of things- you can see people’s holiday pics, your favorite recipes or simply what’s going on in the life of family and friends -in one place.
Introduction video to MultiMi
Early Wireframe The different sections appear at the top as tabs with the content appearing beneath them. We moved away from this solution creating a stronger connection between the section tab and the content as well as choosing a more flexible layout that allows the addition of sections in the future. 
Early Exploration Exposing additional content from the various sections for a specific user making it easier to explore and discover updates while also looking up needed information.
Early Exploration Creating a homepage integrating the different sections allowing a quick glance to be updated while separating between social and direct communication (email, direct messages etc.)

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